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Welcome To Our Practice

HAAS Spine & Orthopaedics is a multispecialty practice whose physicians have extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating spinal disorders. The practice has convenient offices in Glendale, Santa Ana, and Upland, California, where patients benefit from the highest quality orthopedic care.

The primary interests of leading HAAS Spine & Orthopaedics surgeon Stepan Kasimian, MD, include degenerative spine disease and spinal abnormalities. 

He completed specialty training in complex spinal reconstruction and minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) and is a Consumers’ Research Council of America Top Surgeon. Dr. Kasimian’s ability to correctly diagnose patients and treat them compassionately is well known in the local community.

Dr. Kasimian and his colleagues at HAAS Spine & Orthopaedics have considerable experience treating spine disorders. Their areas of expertise include herniated discs, spinal stenosis (narrowed spinal canal), kyphosis and scoliosis (abnormal spine curvatures), spinal tumors, spondylolisthesis (slipping vertebrae), and spinal trauma.

The practice’s doctors are committed to delivering high-quality care and meeting individual patient needs and goals. HAAS Spine & Orthopaedics surgeons use nonsurgical pain management whenever possible before considering surgery. 

When surgery is the best choice, they specialize in advanced spinal fusion, decompression, and artificial disc replacement, using minimally invasive techniques for many of those procedures.

Call HAAS Spine & Orthopaedics today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online for exceptional back and neck pain treatment.

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Meet Our World Class Surgeons
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"Dr. Kasimian operated on my wife and relieved her debilitating sciatic pain. He is committed, cares and is highly skilled. Nothing but the highest praise for him."

Haytham F.

"Dr. Kasimian is one of the very best. He is superbly trained, meticulous and genuinely cares for the well being of his patients. I highly recommend him."


"A wonderful experience. Dr. Kasimian and his staff is awesome. They totally gets it. Every person that I had contact was great."

Valerie M.

"It's a miracle and I have no doubt in my mind that's because of him the Dr's experience and I feel blessed for choosing him and no one else to get this done with."

Mery P.

"The staff is extremely helpful and always take cares of my needs and fast service."

Khristopher M.

"I had cervical fusion 2 months ago I feel wonderful thank you doctor K"

Hal B.

"One of the best surgeons in the State."

Albert A.

"Dr. Stepan Kasimian is very professional & I highly recommend him to everybody who has any issue w/ back pain or any spinal column-related medical problem."

Widmark A.

"Thank you Dr Kasimian for everything you did for me. I couldn't ask for a better doctor."

Connery D.

"Kasimian gave me his full attention and care. He knows what he is doing! Trustworthy. Thank you thank you!"

Laura F.