Our patient reviews

"Dr. Kasimian operated on my wife and relieved her debilitating sciatic pain. He is committed, cares and is highly skilled. Nothing but the highest praise for him."

Haytham F.
"Dr. Kasimian is one of the very best. He is superbly trained, meticulous and genuinely cares for the well being of his patients. I highly recommend him."

"A wonderful experience. Dr. Kasimian and his staff is awesome. They totally gets it. Every person that I had contact was great."

Valerie M.
"It's a miracle and I have no doubt in my mind that's because of him the Dr's experience and I feel blessed for choosing him and no one else to get this done with."

Mery P.
"The staff is extremely helpful and always take cares of my needs and fast service."

Khristopher M.
"I had cervical fusion 2 months ago I feel wonderful thank you doctor K"

Hal B.
"One of the best surgeons in the State."

Albert A.
"Dr. Stepan Kasimian is very professional & I highly recommend him to everybody who has any issue w/ back pain or any spinal column-related medical problem."

Widmark A.
"Thank you Dr Kasimian for everything you did for me. I couldn't ask for a better doctor."

Connery D.
"Kasimian gave me his full attention and care. He knows what he is doing! Trustworthy. Thank you thank you!"

Laura F.