5 Nonsurgical Options to Manage Chronic Back Pain

Mar 09, 2023
5 Nonsurgical Options to Manage Chronic Back Pain
Surgery isn’t the only viable treatment option for chronic back pain. Here are five effective nonsurgical pain management options to consider.

Occasional back pain isn’t unusual. It can arise from a muscle strain, minor or major trauma, among many possible causes. 

Less commonly, back pain can turn chronic, with millions of Americans living with and trying to manage the discomfort. In severe cases, surgery is the only way to find long-lasting relief. Before going that route, however, you should check out nonsurgical pain management options. 

As an orthopedic surgeon who has extensive experience treating chronic pain, Stepan Kasimian, MD, at HAAS Spine & Orthopaedics understands the importance of considering nonsurgical options for chronic back pain. 

Dr. Kasimian and his team offer personalized and effective care at their offices in Glendale, Santa Ana, and Upland, California. 

Learn more about five of the most productive nonsurgical ways to manage chronic back pain. 


Decades of research show that therapy effectively reduces most forms of physical pain, including chronic back pain. With physical therapy, you can improve your back's strength and flexibility using a range of stretches and exercises. 

While you can do therapy at home, it's advisable to have the guidance of an experienced therapist. 


The most common type of medication for treating chronic back pain is nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). They reduce pain and inflammation, improving your quality of life. 

Other medications we may prescribe include muscle relaxants to reduce spasms and steroid injections to reduce severe, long-term pain. 

Lifestyle changes 

Making positive lifestyle changes is one of the first steps in managing back pain. Maintaining a back-healthy lifestyle, such as using your legs to lift instead of your back can take stress off your spine, easing your back pain. Exercising regularly can also help keep your weight in check and work the joints and muscles in your back. 

Heat and cold therapy

Heat and cold therapy involve safely applying heat or cold to your back. This treatment can manage chronic back pain by improving blood circulation and reducing muscle spasms and inflammation. 

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

TENS uses electrical stimulation to treat pain. During a TENS therapy session, a small, battery-powered device delivers electrical impulses to the nerves in your back. It alleviates your pain by stopping the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain. 

Before considering TENS, consulting with us is crucial, as TENS may not be the answer for some patients. 

Chronic back pain can be a debilitating condition. It interferes with your daily functioning and limits your quality of life. While surgery may be required in severe cases, several nonsurgical treatment options merit a look first. 

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